Open Therapeutics™ facilitates biopharma developments by enabling capable and responsible researchers around the world to collaborate. Open Therapeutics has two components: (i) an open web platform for scientific collaboration known as Therapoid™, and (ii) open biotechnologies for rapid prototyping of therapeutics.

Open Therapeutics™ enables open access, open collaboration, rapid prototyping, meritocracy, and community. The goal is to lower costs, reduce risks and time, and broaden markets for therapeutics.

The Therapoid™ web portal enables international scientists to share research easily, while it also opens a path to develop dormant technologies. Simple to use tools enable more effective collaboration. The combination of collaboration and biotechnologies will lead to better therapeutics for patients in every country.

The Open Therapeutics™ Therapoid™ platform is freely available.

Therapoid™ integrates open biotechnologies, funding, manuscript development prePeer Review, prePrint Server, open access, open data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain into a unified crowdsourcing ecosystem.

Therapoid™ enables adopters, innovators, and observers at non-profit and for-profit institutions to collaborate on biotechnologies normally closed off to researchers. We deploy open biotechnologies and distribute our therapeutic development platforms under open licenses.

By registering to use the Therapoid™ platform, you explicitly agree to accept a Creative Commons-like user agreement. Once you become a collaborator, we will ask you to agree explicitly to use open licenses for the development of any relevant technologies and knowledge.

Therapoid™ is currently released as an "alpha" test version. During this phase, we invite only select users, researchers, and innovators to help develop the core framework. We expect to launch the beta version to a wider user group in April 2017.

If you are interested in becoming a beta user, please contact us.

Read more about our mission in the following PDF:

Our Mission