As previously announced, Therapoid is proud to offer the free issuance of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) to community selected message board postings.

Members of Therapoid's community can nominate message postings in its Forums for Digital Object Identifiers (DOI).

DOIs are essentially a serial number backbone for intellectual content.

Therapoid is the first open science platform to enable the issuance of DOIs to message board postings selected by its community.

For the first time, a researcher or student can recommend a post s/he values for future reference for a DOI, which can then be assigned by Therapoid.

A DOI is not only a unique reference to help others locate the posting, it is also a way for scientists and students to promote their early ideas for discussion and to archive notes that can later develop into significant contributions to the scientific literature.


As DOIs are critical for tracking scientific content, offering this important feature will help members record the initiation of their ideas.

The Therapoid mission is enabling the global research community to impact human, animal, plant, and global environmental health in a positive manner.

As an open science platform, Therapoid is accessible and inclusive to all science, technology, engineering, arts, humanities, and math (STEAHM) disciplines.

The journey into Therapoid begins in the Forums where there are message boards. There, members can recommend that a posting receive a DOI. Messages with DOIs can benefit scientific endeavors with Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) metadata principles.

In another first, ScienceCoins cryptocurrency are awarded to both the nominee and the nomination when DOIs are assigned. As such, the ScienceCoins gain value through a “Proof of Science” created by the efforts represented in the DOIs. One might think of the DOIs backing ScienceCoins similarly to gold backing fiat currencies.

The Therapoid DOIs are issued via its membership with Crossref. Crossref is a DOI Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation.

The Therapoid DOI prefix is 10.24973.

BE ADVISED: In your Profile if you do not provide your full name, contact information, and institution, any DOIs you are nominated for may be rejected. Remember, DOIs are a persistent and permanent serial numbers identifying a piece of intellectual work so having attribution is important to the future citation of the work.