Scientific Community Manager

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Job Description

Open Therapeutics, LLC, plans to develop and launch its scientific crowdsourcing product, Therapoid™. The Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. This is a remote position, not located at company headquarters.

The Company seeks a cell expert to validate attracted life science therapeutic intellectual properties. The Company develops its own biotechnologies through working with collaborative researchers. Further, the Company seeks to have the Employee serve as a Scientific Community Manager within Therapoid™ to facilitate community interaction and learning by Innovators and Adopters of its open crowdsourced technologies.


In order to accomplish this position, the Scientific Community Manager may assist the Company developing its technologies, pilots, and deployments.

The Scientific Community Manager may work or consult at other organizations. In such cases, the Scientific Community Manager must disclose such opportunities prior to engagement to ensure conflict of interests are eliminated.

The Scientific Community Manager may serve as a point of coordination between grants and technical writers, the science team, and the grant awarding authority (or other funders). As such, the Scientific Community Manager must be a superb communicator capable of explaining the Company’s scientific pursuits to grant awarding managers and funders.

The Scientific Community Manager may need to assist collaborative laboratories to conduct Company-related research, product development, or production. The Scientific Community Manager may need to support international delegations to assist in the establishment of collaborative labs to produce and deployment its technologies.

It is critical the Scientific Community Manager ensure the ability to travel internationally to include passport, securing Visas, being properly immunized, and ensuring compliance with all laws, both local and international.

Laboratory experience, working on a team, and managing a financial budget are requirements of the position.

Though a publication record is encouraged, it is not a requirement. Publications will be generated through the position and writing skills are important. The ability communicate in more than one language is desirable.

Experience with grants, small business innovation research (SBIR), and related grant vehicles is desirable. Experience gaining private funding may enable a more skilled Scientific Community Manager.


  • Laboratory experience
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills
  • Commanding experience working with teams
  • Commanding experience serving as a consultant and liason between partners and other parties
  • Commanding experience managing communities of interest
  • Commanding experience navigating ethical boundaries as well as all local and national laws
  • Functional experience writing grant applications and related
  • Functional experience managing a financial budget
  • Ability to periodically travel internationally or domestically as required
  • Publication experience a considerable plus
  • Experience in developing funding relationships a considerable plus

Why we will hire you

You are able to engage others and create energy within a community. You are naturally eager to help others succeed.

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