Scientific Community Managers

Open Position

Job Description

This is a remote and online consulting opportunity.

The Company seeks consulting Associates to assist in the management of the Therapoid open science platform and its forums. Lead researchers within Therapoid for as little or as much time as you choose, up to 30 hours per week.

Associates facilitate community interaction and learning.


In order to accomplish this position, the Scientific Community Associate Manager ensures Therapoid's usage is maintained in accordance with its Terms of Service (TOS). As such, in addition to locating and removing content in violation of the TOS, the Associate also engages with the community by posting current events, asking germane questions, answering questions, and assisting in the securing of information.

Associates also provide education and content about Therapoid, its features, and its functions.

Since the Associate will be provided advanced previews of developing features and functions, s/he has the opportunity to provide feedback to the developers while maintaining confidentiality.

Though not required, Associates are encouraged with ScienceCoins awards to help students and researchers join and collaborate.

The Scientific Community Associate Manager serves as a point of coordination between grants and technical writers, science teams, and the grant awarding authority (or other funders). As such, the Associate must be a superb communicator capable of explaining the grant system.

The Associate must be an ardent communicator and educator of open science and open access and explain these two critical aspects of Therapoid to the community.

The Associate is free to create content such as educational materials.

Associates are encouraged to create, launch, and manage programs.

Understanding the science process from hypothesis, to preprints, to open access journals is a critical prerequisite.

Though a publication record is encouraged, it is not a requirement. Publications maybe generated through the position and writing skills are important. The ability to communicate in more than one language is desirable.

Why we will hire you

You are able to engage others and create energy within a community. You are naturally eager to help others succeed. You have an educational passion and will unselfishly share information.

Students, retirees, minorities, all genders, and any other pro-science communicator will be considered.

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