Senior Django Developer

Speculative Position

Job Description

We are looking for a strong Django developer responsible for the creating and/or improving existing packages for our ever-growing Open Science platform. Your primary focus will be the development of server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to meet requests from users and other systems. You may also be responsible for integrating front-end elements as required.


  • Develop new or improve existing components to our ever-growing platform as the business requires
  • Constructively participate in our daily standup meetings, code-reviews and other team activities
  • Write reusable, testable and efficient code that adheres to code-quality standards and best practices
  • Be mindful of information security issues and provide security-related solutions when necessary
  • Support management on special projects as required
  • Deliver front-end components to features as required


  • 5+ years of professional software development
  • 2+ years of professional Django-specific development
  • Commanding experience with Python 2.7 and Python 3.4+ and Django 1.11+
  • Commanding experience in continuous integration/continuous deployment environments with excellent test automation skills including PyTest or similar and Selenium or similar
  • Commanding experience with Git, GitHub, and related code repository tools
  • Commanding experience with CSS and JavaScript
  • Functional experience writing and consuming REST APIs
  • Functional experience with Postgres or similar database backends
  • Functional experience with Celery, Memcache, Redis and related tools
  • Functional experience with FE technologies HTML5, Bootstrap 3, LESS/SASS, jQuery
  • Familiarity with search backends such as Haystack, ElasticSearch or similar
  • Statistical modeling and/or Machine Learning experience a huge plus

Why we will hire you

A successful candidate in this position is a solution-oriented, problem-solver. Sure, you can identify the challenges, the caveats, or the risks, but you can also propose solutions to cut through these quickly. You enjoy developing code in a team environment and work well with others. You love code comments and heredocs. You prefer clarity and communication over "clever" code. PEP8 and 80 columns are your preference but aren't overly zealous about it.

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