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Pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostic costs might be thought of as out of control, particularly in economically developing countries with underserved populations. An interdisciplinary open science approach could provide a parallel model to the current profit-driven model. Open Therapeutics does not seek to replace the current pharmaceutical model, rather provide the world another way to get life-saving products and services. In fact, profit-based pharmaceutical companies are welcome to freely join Therapoid.

Admittedly, Open Therapeutics has a lofty and socially conscious goal. The Company acts as a Benefit Corporation (“B Corp”) whereby the Company seeks to do a social good. To this, the Company has figured out how to deliver an open science environment to the global research community while avoiding the traditional exploitation that social platforms usually enact. As its members create content and collaborate, they increase the value of their ScienceCoins. This is the only open science platform to provide its members with direct value for their increasing the value of the platform. As the platform becomes more valuable, the ScienceCoins become more valuable. As the ScienceCoins become more valuable, so too does Therapoid.

The Open Therapeutics open science Therapoid platform offers a strategy for addressing challenging problems and invites interdisciplinary researchers around the world to become part of a community dedicated to changing the problems achieving positive health outcomes. By joining Therapoid, you play a vital role in accelerating development of new technologies, policies, and educational content, as well as correcting misinformation. Through your participation you support the goals of expanding and improving the infrastructure to health outcomes.

When you give the brightest scientific minds in the world access to technologies and a collaborative environment, all kinds of amazing discoveries can result. In essence, Therapoid serves as the base of the world’s largest think tank.

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Open Therapeutics is a socially conscious company providing an open scientific and open access collaboration platform known as Therapoid. This platform is designed to host the discovery, development, and delivery of health-related outcomes. Our goal is to enable all researchers, students, policymakers, and citizens to participate in lowering costs, reduce development risks and time, and broadening markets for health-related technologies, policies, and education.

Therapoid is an open science platform at https://Therapoid.net for scientific collaboration, and (ii) freely available open technologies for rapid prototyping and further development. All content and technologies are available under a Creative Commons 4.0 ShareAlike license.

We support researchers through an extensive menu of services, tools, and cryptocurrency. Included within Therapoid are grant opportunities, free lab equipment, simplified preprint server, citable message forums, consulting, gig, employment, research positions and ScienceCoins cryptocurrency.

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Therapoid was founded to offer students, researchers, policy makers, and the public, a nocost venue for participating in open science. Emerging economies are of particular concern, since drug cost, availability and accessibility are major challenges for them.

Part of the idea behind Therapoid is expediting the development of unused and new technologies in a fashion that adds another model for bringing therapeutics to market. You can think of this as a software-like “open source” model. This open science model is not designed to replace the current legacy therapeutic and drug development model, rather to provide a parallel model to provide those closed out of the current model with an alternative.

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The process of getting involved is as easy as registering at the Therapoid website and agreeing with the Terms of Service (TOS). The TOS lays out the rules for sharing data and information, communicating, and earning ScienceCoins cryptocurrency.

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No technologies, their developments, advancements, or papers can be locked down! Everyone is free to use all information on the platform. If you want to patent or copyright information, do not put it on Therapoid. Therapoid uses a comprehensive Creative Commons 4.0 ShareAlike license licensing model. No technologies can be patented, or papers copyrighted that emerge from Therapoid. Everyone is free to use it! If you expect others to share, collaborate, and advance papers, research, or inventions, do not put it on Therapoid or extract it from Therapoid with the intent to patent, copyright, or trade secret the data and information.

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There is no cost, nor will there ever be, for members. Whether a scientist seeking available research, a physician who wants to collaborate with a colleague, an institution that wants to offer intellectual properties for further development, or students looking for mentors and educational materials, all can draw from, build upon, and benefit from Therapoid. And not only is there no cost, but participants can also actually earn ScienceCoins cryptocurrency!

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There are no qualification standards, and we encourage involvement in many ways. Community members decide who they work with. Some may even want to review and adopt available technologies for the purpose of conducting research. Some may want to pursue research grants or get their credentials circulating in a new global professional network. Some may want to moderate forums consisting of like-minded researchers, students, or practitioners. Some may want to mentor students or young post-doctoral candidates. Some may want to contribute unused or dormant intellectual properties that may find new life in the hands of researchers. And some may want to merely observe and keep abreast of what is happening in scientific developments around the world.

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Personal, professional, and humanitarian benefits await those who freely join Therapoid to advance the concept of Open Therapeutics as a way of bringing less expensive and more accessible healthcare to patients around the world.

For those economically challenged, they may find the award of ScienceCoins cryptocurrency (“the Bitcoin for scientists”) a significant reason to get engaged. For others, it might be the ability to collaborate with researchers from diverse cultures. And yet others may find free technologies, free lab equipment, and grant funding of interest. There are several other reasons scientists, clinicians, and students could become involved.

As a member of Therapoid and you are a leader of open science. You control the distribution of your knowledge outcomes. You can shape where open science is headed. As a leader, you are a recognized, highly visible member of a global community dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes especially in underserved markets such as China, India, Latin America, and Africa. All of this can be especially helpful to the students or young post-doctorates who are involved, as the exposure may significantly differentiate them when seeking an employment, educational promotions, and consulting opportunities.

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A Wallet is used to store the ScienceCoins you earn on Therapoid platform.

  • Wallet key file (WalletKeys.txt): This file is downloaded when you generate a Wallet ID on Therapoid platform. Save this file in a secure location. This file contains important information regarding your digital Wallet.
  • Mnemonic: This phrase serves as a backup to recover your wallet in the event your wallet becomes compromised, lost, or destroyed. This phrase must be saved in a secure location.


  • Wallet Address: Is the unique identifier of your digital wallet and will be used to manage ScienceCoins. The digital wallet address is what you share with other people.
  • Private Key: Allows you to access your digital wallet. This will be needed to recover your digital wallet in case you lose it. So, it is extremely important you securely store it to help protect your digital wallet and ScienceCoins.


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