My Bipolar Story (with Louise Dwerryhouse)

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In our latest talkBD episode, retired social worker and mental health writer Louise Dwerryhouse speaks on her remarkable 31-year journey living with bipolar disorder. She discusses her experiences with depression, mania, anxiety, and hospitalizations, shares the strategies she implemented to achieve stability, and offers advice to listeners who are also living with bipolar disorder.
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Episode Chapters
00:00 Introduction
01:17 When I Realized I Had Bipolar Disorder
04:00 Rapid Cycling - "I Called Myself Crazy"
05:05 Depression, Suicide, Hospitalizations & Mania 
07:27 My Journey of Finding Stability
13:36 Establishing Control Over Bipolar Disorder
15:20 Managing General Anxiety Disorder & Bipolar Disorder
18:46 Advice to My Younger Self
21:00 Identifying Warning Signs of Mania
23:46 How Do We Deal with the Years Lost to Bipolar Disorder?
28:54 A Message To Those Who Have Just Been Diagnosed