Dear Colleagues,

I’m reaching out to publicize our job search for a mixed methods or quantitative researcher in social justice. It's a 1-1 TT line with a two-year postdoc built into it. The successful candidate will be housed in MSU’s new Center for Social Justice Research and will create their own course. We’re especially hoping to attract candidates interested in community engaged and public facing work. The job is open until filled, with a review round of applications in late January.  
For more details, see the synopsis below. The application link is also included below. 

The committee chair (Elena Ruíz, is happy to answer additional questions about the position.  



Michael O’Rourke
Executive Director, TDI Center 
Director, Toolbox Dialogue Initiative
Professor, Department of Philosophy & AgBioResearch
368 Farm Lane Room 524A
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1032
Research Associate with expertise in the area(s) of Social Justice and Applied Data Ethics, broadly construed to include algorithmic fairness and accountability in data science, statistical analysis and interpretation, as well as predictive analytics and predictive modeling uses in social science research, including algorithmic bias, predictive policing (or the intersections of technology and design thinking), data feminism, data sovereignty and Indigenous governance of data, intersectional and decolonial data ethics, and social justice or diversity-driven approaches to data analysis and interpretation. 
We are looking for a community-engaged scholar-activist with a strong background in data science whose work seeks to advance social justice goals across the advocacy spectrum (including LGBTQIA+, Black, Brown, Asian, Indigenous, and disability justice perspectives and their intersections), or for a data scientist/mixed-methods researcher with strong quant skills who will pursue a research program that supports these goals.  
The successful candidate will provide quantitative research support for structural justice-focused research initiatives under a newly proposed Center for Social Justice Research (CSJR) and will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of researchers on projects of national scope that prioritize community-based data access and principles. Projects will require modeling support for investigating patterns of systemic racism, gender-based violence, environmental racism, voter suppression, health disparities, and policy responses. In addition to providing quantitative, statistical, and modeling support for CSJR, the center will provide mentorship and professional development opportunities for the successful candidate’s research program. 
Here's the link to apply: 

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