From: Catherine Dayger
Date: October 6, 2022 at 1:40:48 PM EDT
Subject: cool job at CEDAR
Reply-To: Catherine Dayger


I wanted to let you know about a position I’m hiring for that might interest someone in your network. I’m seeking a creative, adaptable, problem-solver to help me coordinate our current and develop our future team science infrastructure at the Knight Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR) center. I’m particularly hoping to find someone who passionate about supporting CEDAR’s early cancer detection efforts from an administrative role. A science background is not a must, although an understanding of and appreciation for bench research, clinical trials, or team science would be quite helpful. I’m happy to answer any questions if folks are interested.
Thanks for spreading the word. 
Here’s the posting:
Catherine Dayger, PhD
In person at KCRB T, W, Th; Remote M, F
Assistant Director of Team Science & Strategy
Knight Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR)

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