Subject: [NASA Transform to Open Science-Announcements] Reviewers needed for Transform to Open Science Training Solicitation
Date: November 28, 2022 at 4:30:43 PM EST
To: ""
image001.pngDear Friends of Open Science,
We need your help! NASA’s Transform to Open Science is seeking reviewers for Transform to Open Science Training (ROSES F.14). 
Serving as a reviewer allows one to learn what’s new in the field, get first-hand experience with our review process, and network with colleagues. If you are interested, please read more about the Volunteer Review Process and submit your interest form. Note: (1) signing up does not commit you to serve, nor is NASA obligated to ask/invite you, and (2) if you are a funded team member on a F.14 TOPST proposal, you will not be able to serve on that review panel to avoid a conflict of interest.
Thank you!
Cynthia Hall
TOPS Community Coordinator, on behalf of the Transform to Open Science Team
Cynthia Hall
Transform to Open Science (TOPS) Community Coordinator