Open Therapeutics and IPwe Form an Intellectual Property Partnership.


Published on: September 14th, 2022
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Through a partnership to enhance the licensing of intellectual properties, the companies will work to jointly encourage the licensing of IP portfolios

Cincinnati, OH, and Paris, France — September 14th, 2022 — Open Therapeutics, an open science company, and IPwe, a global platform leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and blockchain technology around smart intangible asset management, announce their collaboration to jointly advance the licensing of intellectual property.

Open Therapeutics' mission is to enable the global research community to positively impact human, animal, plant, and global environmental health. Its blockchain-based open science and open access platform is freely provided to the public, researchers, and students. The Therapoid ecosystem provides grant funding, intellectual properties, discussion forums, manuscript review tools, lab equipment, and ScienceCoins cryptocurrency awards when students and scientists collaborate. 

IPwe's mission is to promote and encourage innovation with cutting-edge technology based on proven methods so business leaders can better manage intangible assets. Accordingly, the IPwe team has an outstanding reputation in patent monetization due to their combined decades of experience. IPwe's technology and expert team discovered that many of Open Therapeutics' clients' patents have patent monetization potential and are providing Open Therapeutics' clients with access to IPwe's artificial intelligence and blockchain-powered products to drive innovation further.

IPwe's Senior Innovation Director Harry Stacpoole stated, "Over 80% of Open Therapeutics' clients' patents are currently not being licensed despite having potential opportunities for patent monetization. Through our partnership with Open Therapeutics, we can offer their member companies, governments, academic and research institutions the chance to license their unused patents while advancing on our own mission to encourage innovation by providing a mechanism for them to do so".

According to Open Therapeutics Founder Jason E. Barkeloo, "I am proud to work with IPwe to enhance the value of IP assets by increasing transparency with clear and verifiable metrics, particularly for current patents that are unlicensed. Due to our unique IP licensing model that uses an enhanced Creative Commons 4.0 ShareAlike (CC4.0 ShareAlike) agreement, we can help patent holders worldwide enhance the value of their IP assets, especially for those without success previously licensing them. I am so excited about this partnership that for those Therapoid users who also register at IPwe, they will gain a complimentary award of ScienceCoins!"

Further, IPwe will encourage researchers and students seeking academic, government, and corporate career positions to freely join Therapoid. Additionally, IPwe's partnership with Therapoid will provide another avenue for IPwe to encourage innovation by providing the Therapoid global scientific community with a resource to identify which of their patents would best benefit businesses, governments, academic institutions, and society in general. 

Similarly, Open Therapeutics, through its IPwe referral program partnership, will encourage its community members and IP providers to join and create IPwe Smart Pools as Founders by contributing the right to license to Smart Pools. This partnership will allow the Therapoid community to advance and deploy technologies based upon patents through the assistance of the IPwe Smart Pools.

As pioneers in decentralized science (DeSci), artificial intelligence, blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), open access, and open science, Open Therapeutics and IPwe are well positioned to further the convergence of these related technologies and methodologies. Both companies can accelerate an innovative patent license model through this combination while achieving positive social outcomes.

About IPwe 

Founded in 2018, IPwe is a global platform leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and blockchain technology around smart intangible asset management. IPwe is expanding traditional IP markets by increasing transparency with clear and verifiable metrics to lower costs and enhance value and returns. Through IPwe, everyone from startups to large enterprises, business, and financial executives to IP experts, can collaborate on a business, technical, legal, or financial level to enhance efficiency, value, opportunities, and innovation to better manage their intangible assets. 

Press Contact: 
Mia Mixan
Head of Marketing

About Open Therapeutics

The Company freely provides the scientific community the Therapoid™ platform; an open science and open access collaboration ecosystem that puts scientists and students at the center of research for positively impacting human, animal, plant, and global environmental health. Therapoid freely provides intellectual properties (IP), copyrights, grant funding, free equipment, discussion forums, manuscript review tool, knowledge content center, career, and academic opportunities, ScienceCoins cryptocurrency awards, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). All knowledge is freely provided under a comprehensively modified Creative Commons 4.0 ShareAlike (CC4.0 ShareAlike) license. The use of the Polygon layer 2 on the Ethereum blockchain has provided the Company with the opportunity to lead the development of DeSci dApps and develop Therapoid as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Through creating the world’s biggest think tank, members who openly share can be seen by employment and student recruiters for career, job, and gig opportunities. Therapoid can be particularly beneficial to those in economically developing areas of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Media Contact:
Jason E. Barkeloo, Founder/Chair Open Therapeutics