The Human Brain Project has developed an atlas of the human brain with unprecedented detail and has made it freely available for everyone to browse online on the EBRAINS platform.

Researchers have digitally reconstructed and mapped different brain areas in three-dimensional space. By overlaying maps of ten different brains for each area, they have generated probabilistic maps that show the variability in localization and size across individuals. The atlas already contains over 200 such maps, including previously unmapped areas, with new ones continuously added.

The integration of different modalities into the atlas allows researchers to understand the brain at multiple levels of organization. It incorporates functional data, density measurements of neurotransmitter receptors, and other information. This integration reveals that brain areas are not just structural divisions but also functional units with distinct physiological meanings.

The atlas also includes connectivity data to study how different parts of the brain are interconnected. Fibre tracts and nerve fibres have been modeled based on diffusion MRI data and advanced imaging techniques. By examining the connections between cells and brain regions, researchers gain insights into how complex human perception and behavior arise.

The Multilevel Human Brain Atlas is not only valuable for studying the healthy brain but also for understanding brain disorders. It has been used to investigate Parkinson's disease and its associated brain volume changes. Furthermore, the atlas aids in improving medical treatments, such as optimizing epilepsy surgery through personalized brain models based on high-precision data.

Overall, the HBP's Multilevel Human Brain Atlas serves as a crucial resource for researchers, enabling them to study the human brain comprehensively and advance our understanding of its structure, function, and associated disorders.

See the link to the full atricle and to browse online through the human brain: Mapping at multiple scales – the most detailed atlas of the human brain (