This is unprecedented time. COVID19 has awaken the sleeping giant of open science and open access.

The movement of information is becoming more fluid.

It is jumping the paywalls of the subscription journals.

The scientists and some of the publishing people recognize that without the free movement of information, getting ahead of the #pandemic is negatively impacted.

Now is the time to support open access journals such as F1000, eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd., and Public Library of Science (PLOS).

It is also a great time to enjoy the power of prePrintServers. When researchers post #prePrints their scientific peers and the public can see information more quickly. This does require some quality control and quality assurance mechanisms. That is what the scientific community will do in a crowdsourcing model.

This transparency helps illuminate the misinformation spouted by news outlets that are performing malpractice with their uninformed partisan misinformation.

Now is the time for researchers to rally and support the momentum of open science. Now is the time to act!