Tufts University Job Opening: Transdisciplinary Scholar to support research/teaching_part time

Position summary and link to posting below; full job description attached.

Please note that, despite the text below 😊, the project may or may not address monkeypox. As of this moment, a range of topics are still under consideration - other community-prioritized possibilities include mental health issues in underserved communities related to pandemic isolation.


Tufts’ Collaborative for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Response (CEIDR) seeks a Researcher to support a transdisciplinary research (TDR) project on an infectious disease, probably monkeypox. In TDR, a team from a range of academic disciplines and community members contribute to the research. The mission of CEIDR is to develop integrative and transdisciplinary research efforts to study emerging pathogens and design equitable responses to improve health and social outcomes and mitigate the negative impacts of infectious diseases. In this instance, Tufts students enrolled in a special course will play a significant role in the TDR project.  

The researcher will be located in The Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, which prepares Tufts students to become active citizens and community leaders and conducts research on civic engagement.       

This is a PT one-year term position.                                                                                                                                                  

The Researcher will staff, support, and help organize a transdiciplinary research team on a specific topic (likely, monkeypox). Engaging with a team with diverse perspectives to jointly define research questions and co-create knowledge and solutions is a powerful approach to highly complex and interconnected societal challenges and is designed to produce responses that are tailored for maximum acceptance and effectiveness. A research committee is already in place that includes experts in public health, community health, global health, health policy, molecular biology, and infectious disease (zoonotic and human). Members of this committee will mentor the chosen candidate, providing opportunities for first-author publications and collaborations. In spring 2023, the Researcher will lead a group of Tufts students who will also participate in the project as part of a credit-bearing course. The Researcher will also work with appropriate community partners (to be named) who will be co-researchers in the project. By the end of the year, the whole team will likely prepare a large external grant proposal to support future work; helping with that proposal will be part of the Researcher’s duties.

The Researcher will report to the Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs at Tisch College. The individual may also affiliate with Tufts Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Friedman, Medical, Dental or Veterinary schools, as appropriate. 

Link to posting: https://jobs.tufts.edu/jobs/17901?lang=en-us

Susan E. Lewis, PhD
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