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Open Therapeutics Integrates Annotation with Hypothesis


By Heather Staines| September 28th, 2017

Today, Open Therapeutics is announcing the integration of Hypothesis annotation capabilities in Therapoid™, its crowdsourcing platform that enables scientists to collaborate freely on therapeutic biotechnology research.

With these annotation capabilities, scientists from around the world will be able to view and create annotations on Therapoid web pages, developing manuscripts, and completed preprint deposits, both as individuals and as members of collaborative groups.Open Therapeutics helps researchers around the world gain access to scientific collaborators, particularly scientists in underserved areas. Therapoid, its open science collaborative ecosystem, is a free web-based platform that crowdsources research around open therapeutic technologies. Free services include pre-publication peer review and a preprint server. “We welcome Open Therapeutics as a partner,” says Dr. Heather Staines, Hypothesis Director of Partnerships. “One of our primary goals is to facilitate collaboration by enabling a powerful toolchain that researchers can use across the web throughout the research life cycle. That Open Therapeutics decided to integrate annotations across its innovative open science platform speaks to the promise of a standards-based and interoperable collaboration tool.”

According to Jason E. Barkeloo, Founder and Executive Chairman of Open Therapeutics, “Hypothesis has a proven ability to enable researchers to collaborate via annotating webpages and documents. Our researchers invest time communicating and developing manuscripts. We are excited to offer the Hypothesis annotation tool as an important and critical feature throughout the Therapoid scientific collaborative platform.”

Open Therapeutics also has plans to augment annotation in Therapoid to better support the mobile access necessary for scientists working in diverse locations.