Open Therapeutics™

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Short Description:

Open Therapeutics is a global biotechnology firm with a presence in China, Europe, India, and the USA. We develop and attract synthetic biology-based technologies.

Long Description:

Founded in 2009, Open Therapeutics is a global life sciences biotech company. Therapoid is a direct outgrowth of our work in researching and developing biotechnologies, which are among the first Technologies available on Therapoid.

Open Therapeutics™ facilitates biopharma developments by enabling capable and responsible researchers around the world to collaborate. Open Therapeutics has two components: (i) an open web platform for scientific collaboration known as Therapoid™, and (ii) open biotechnologies for rapid prototyping of therapeutics.

Open Therapeutics enables open access, open collaboration, rapid prototyping, meritocracy, and community. The goal is to lower costs, reduce risks and time, and broaden markets for therapeutics.


The Therapoid web portal enables international scientists to share research easily, while it also opens a path to develop dormant technologies. Simple to use tools enable more effective collaboration. The combination of collaboration and biotechnologies will lead to better therapeutics for patients in every country.

The Open Therapeutics' Therapoid platform is freely available.

Therapoid integrates open biotechnologies, funding, manuscript development prePeer Review, prePrint Server, open access, open data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain into a unified crowdsourcing ecosystem.

Therapoid enables adopters, innovators, and observers at non-profit and for-profit institutions to collaborate on biotechnologies normally closed off to researchers. We deploy open biotechnologies and distribute our therapeutic development platforms under open licenses.

Our Story “Science and Collaboration should have no borders.”

Founded in 2009, Open Therapeutics is a global life sciences biotech company. Our wide array of bio-technologies will be available on the industry’s first crowd-sourcing web platform at Therapoid.

Therapoid focuses on eliminating obstacles to global research and collaboration by encouraging scientific peer-to-peer communication, stimulating synergies in scientific R&D, and significantly driving down research costs – ultimately making healthcare accessible and affordable to the global community. Through our crowd-sourcing web platform, we gather and enhance research, clinical and interactive data, developing a wide-array of assets and useful information then made available to the scientific community.

Our Vision To empower, enable and accelerate global therapeutic solutions.

Our Mission Our passion is making healthcare available to all human beings regardless of geography. We believe strongly that scientific collaboration free of constraints is paramount to promoting diversity in research and reducing the cost of healthcare.

  • To create a neutral and transparent platform for the free flow of scientific research
  • To be the platform of choice among the scientific and medical community
  • To be the driving agent in scientific collaboration
  • To make healthcare accessible and affordable by creating an open ecosystem for research

Our Values At Open Therapeutics, we pride ourselves on a core set of values that is aligned with our mission. These principles are the foundation that drives our every day activities.

  • We believe strongly in treating all members of our community with mutual trust and respect.
  • We believe that proliferation of technologies can occur through open and transparent interactions.
  • We believe that our mission can be supported through collaboration within the scientific community.
  • We focus our entire effort on making an impact in the world of scientific research.
  • We believe passionately in a research world free of silos.