The Center for Advancing Innovation

Short Description:

<p>CAI&#39;s mission is to accelerate and increase the volume of knowledge/technology transfer, commercialization in support of high growth business, economic impact and entrepreneurship, ultimately to maximize the commercial potential of promising inventions.</p>

Long Description:

The Center for Advancing Innovation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to: Research Assets: Expand Research Institutes impact by accelerating and increasing the volume of technology transfer and commercialization to make more valuable research assets available to the world and advancing the realization of breakthrough innovations. Economic Impact: Improve the economic impact of valuable research assets by creating new companies, filling company’s R&D pipelines and generating knowledge-based jobs in the region in which we work, Maryland. Virtuous Circle of Innovation: Advance and institutionalize relevant innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities in Research Institutes. Resilient and Sustainable Innovation: Strengthen the capacity of Research Institutes by creating a viable self-funding model to offset decreasing budgets. Assist commercially relevant University-based startups with gaining access to capital. Innovation Capability and Awareness: Enhance innovation and entrepreneurship leading practice capability awareness globally ​ As a non-profit, we sell services and raise funds to perform the above activities.