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OnPar, the Online Partnership to Accelerate Research, provides innovative and exceptional research applications with a second opportunity for funding.

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Press Release: http://www.publicnow.com/view/4DA3A9B232A315FECA4CF39126D8853926D2C8A9

Each year, hundreds of innovative, high-scoring research applications are left unfunded.

Globally approximately 85% of the research applications submitted to government funding agencies go unfunded. This leaves an innovation gap that may stifle research discovery and delay discoveries that could advance potential treatments and cures for many diseases.

OnPAR seeks to provide a funding alternative to the research community’s restraints imposed by limitations in government funding. OnPAR members include private foundations, pharmaceuticals and other private funders that will review research ideas submitted for consideration. The more research ideas OnPAR gets, the more funders will join to potentially partner and fund research projects, and the closer we will be to treatments and the potential cures for our communities.