OT heading banner Combination of amphiphilic amine (RC16) and oHSV-rQT3 for neuroblastoma treatment

This Project is based on the following Technology:
  • A novel class of antitumor amphiphilic amines (RCn)
Tags: cancer immunotherapy amphiphilic virus amine
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Short Description:

Evaluate the synergistic antitumor effects of RC16 and oHSV combination.

Long Description:

RC16 and oHSV both have significant antitumor effects, although they act via different mechanisms. The molecular mechanisms underlying the observed intracellular cytotoxic effects of RC16 are not completely clear, mechanistic studies suggest RC16 binds to sialic acid residues on the cell membrane and induces cell death via mitochondrial and lysosomal damage. Oncolytic HSVs can selectively replicate within tumor cells and resulting in tumor cell lysis. In addition, oHSVs induce immune responses that are critical for the overall antitumor effect.

Here, we would test if the combination of RC16 and oHSV provide synergistic antitumor efficacy.

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