OT heading banner Preclinical study of oHSV-Gluc for cancer screening

This Project is based on the following Technology:
  • oncolytic herpes simplex virus (oHSV)-Gluc for cancer screening
Manager: Lily.G
Tags: cancer Biomarkers biopharma
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Short Description:

Cancer screening via oHSV-Gluc delivered secretable biomarker.

Long Description:

Cancer screening strategies primarily include physical exam, imaging and/or serum biomarkers. These tests can also be used to track a patient’s response to treatment. Unfortunately, serum biomarkers are only available for few adult and even fewer pediatric cancers. In preliminary study a novel herpes simplex virus oHSV-Gluc was engineered. The administration of oHSV-Gluc in a variety of human xenograft tumor models results in production of a universal biomarker that is detectable above control mice lacking a tumor. The combination of tumor-dependent virus replication and virus life cycle completion for secretable marker production yields two levels of control over production of the secretable biomarker. We will develop the preliminary technology further to enhance tumor assay sensitivity and applicability in immune competent models.

Potential Applications:
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