Manuscript Development

Therapoid’s manuscript development partner, Overleaf, provides tools and templates to present your research results in a professional manuscript, ready for publication or preprint.

Here's how it works:

  1. Collaborate with fellow Project members in your Project Workspace, by uploading and sharing project goals, resources, methodologies, data, observations, etc.
  2. Join Overleaf to access LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative writing tools which enable complex math expressions and other features specific to scientific documents.
  3. Overleaf documents can be uploaded to your Project Workspace as reference for ongoing research, or uploaded to Therapoid’s Preprint Service for review by Therapoid’s scientific community.

Join Overleaf now.

Overleaf for Therapoid

Overleaf is an academic authorship tool for collaboration and manuscript submission, all underpinned by cloud-technology. With an intuitive online collaborative writing and publishing platform with over 2,000 authoring templates, Overleaf makes the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier.

Platform features include:

Cloud-based platform: access your document from anywhere

Rich Text and LaTeX options: view and edit documents in either mode

Sharing and collaboration: easily share and invite others to collaborate

Over 2,000 Authoring template: simply open and start to write

Automated real-time composition: automatic composition with preview of the fully typeset document – as you type

Reference tool linking: multiple options for fast, simple in-document referencing

Git-Sync: ability to work offline

Start writing.